Debbie Miller


Office Manager

(760) 323-2771

With over 20 years of experience ranging from RDA to Dental Office Manager, Debbie is an absolute patient advocate. She has been part of our staff since Dr. Jorgensen started in 1995, and is loved by both patients and staff. She excels in her capacity to understand and explain difficult dental situations. Debbie is skilled and experienced with dental procedures including: surgical dentistry, cosmetic procedures and full-mouth re-constructive dentistry. She is also proficient in assisting with fillings, crowns, and root canal procedures. Her depth of experience makes her able to answer many intricate questions patients sometimes have. Besides having her Registered Dental Assistant license, Debbie has demonstrated great judgment, skill, and her sense of humor is felt by all. Out of the dental office, Debbie loves pets, especially her dogs. You can find her hiking on any trail, or swimming in any water. Debbie has recently found she has a talent for painting and she works with oil and pastels to make visual masterpieces loved by patients and staff. You can see her paintings on her Facebook Page at